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Strawberry plants grown in the sands of the adriatic coast. It's the environment that gives our plants their quality.

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Our Pomegranates are some of India's finest and sweetest fresh produce.

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Our grapes are grown in our own farms at Maharashtra State, India. Quality is known as Nasik Grapes

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The FRESH GREEN BANANA used for human consumption and will be responsible to produce the product according to the code of practice for processing.

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We M/S Krushimitra Agro Impex Pvt Ltd Maharshtra , India, A well company having good experience in international as well as domestic agriculture sector, specially in quality Strawberry Plants and Fresh Fruits , Frozen and IQF Porcessed Strawberry Fruits , also fresh Indian Pomegranaites , fresh Cavandish Banana etc .   more...   We are committed to continually improve our services to exceed customer's expectations. Towards this, we shall provide an efficient and effective service. Which fully satisfies our customers. These shall be achieved by use of appropriate resources and infrastructures and implementation of quality management system as per international quality system standards     Strawberry Frigo Plants.
  Strawberry Fresh Plants.
  Strawberry Fresh Fruits Export Quality.
  Strawberry Frozen And Iqf Proccessed Fruits.
  Fresh Cavandish Banana Export Quality.
  Fresh Indian Pomegranates Export Quality.
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